General Questions

What is VR?
VR stands for Virtual Reality - a realistic and immersive simulation of a real or imagined environment, created using interactive software and hardware. The possibilities are endless.
What is MasterArt VR?
MasterArt VR produces and hosts professional virtual tours for art dealers, galleries, fairs, museums and institutions. With our extensive knowledge of the fine art sector and state of the art technical services, we work with clients to create captivating, interactive Virtual Exhibits and VR experiences. MasterArt VR is an initiative created by ArtSolution.
How can I subscribe to MasterArt VR?
MasterArt VR is currently only available to exclusive members of MasterArt, home to the world's leading art galleries. We are working to expand our services and make it easier for new clients to join our platform. In the mean time, feel free to register your interest. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.
How much does it cost to create a virtual tour?
For a specific quote and to discuss all the possibilities, please contact us.
How can I contact MasterArt VR?
We are available from 9:00am to 6:00pm (CET)

EU: +32 2 627 00 00
UK: +44 20 7193 4925
US: +1 718 312-8724

For all business inquiries, please contact

Managing your profile and tours

How can I update my profile on MasterArt VR?
Once you have ordered a Virtual Exhibit, you will be sent an email with your login details. You can then login to your Gallery Profile and easily update your gallery's details and profile images.
How do I create an Information Hotspot?
Simply click the Edit button at the upper, right hand side of your page. A small eye symbol should then appear on the right side of your page, this is your Hotspot. Then, drop and drag your Hotspot wherever you like within your exhibit
How do I add images in my virtual tour?
Once you have created an Information Hotspot, you can add images by clicking on the Image button (the small landscape symbol located on the right side of the Information Hotspot text box). Then select your image and press 'Save'.
Can I make my tour private?
Yes. On your Gallery Profile page, in the Tour section, simply check the box labelled 'Make Private' for each virtual tour that you would like to be made private.
Can I delete my tour?
No. However, you can select to make your tour private. In any case, please contact us if we can help enhance your Virtual Exhibit in anyway.
How do I share my tour on social media?
Simply click 'Share' button on the upper right hand side of the Editing page Then choose which site you would like to share your Virtual Exhibit on - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
What does 'Embed' mean?
With our Embed function, you are able to display your Virtual Exhibit on your website.
How can I embed my tour on my personal website?
Simply click the 'Embed' button on the upper right hand side of the Editing page.
Select and copy the embed code
Then go to your website's CMS (Content Management System), and open your HTML viewer.
Paste the embed code into your HTML viewer window, and press 'Save'.
Alternately, copy and send this code to your Website Manager to embed it for you.