Yann Ferrandin

Masterpiece London 2018


Yann Ferrandin

Yann Ferrandin
A renowned expert and antiques dealer specializing in ancient tribal art from Africa, Oceania and North America, Yann Ferrandin rigorously tracks down and selects the most exceptional and aesthetically striking objects. The eye-opening thematic exhibitions he stages in his gallery all result from many years of research, and often lead to the publication of catalogues that soon become reference works. Examples of these publications include: ‘Kongo, magical art’ in 2008; ‘Black Seat, exceptional seats from black Africa’ in 2010; ‘Kota’ in 2011, ‘Mélanesia’ in 2012 and ‘Hair’ in 2016.

33 Rue de Seine
75006 Paris

+33 1 43 26 08 37

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