Galerie Mermoz

La Biennale Paris 2018


Galerie Mermoz

Galerie Mermoz
Galerie Mermoz is specialized in Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, and South American arts since 1970. It is internationally acknowledged as one of the most prestigious references in its field.

We cherish the cultural gifts of the Olmec (900 – 600 B.C.), Mezcala (350 – 100 B.C.), Colima (100 B.C.– 250 A.D.), Maya (450 – 750 A.D.), along with cultures of Peru (Nazca, Mochica, Chimu…) and Costa Rica.

The Founder and owner of Galerie Mermoz, Santo Micali, is highly regarded as a connoisseur and expert in his domain. He shares his love for Pre-Columbian Art by presenting collections composed of exceptional pieces.

6 rue du Cirque
75006 Paris

01 42 25 84 80

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