BRAFA Art Fair 2020



The Christophe Hioco Gallery specializes in the ancient statuary art of India and the Indianized world, including Southeast Asia and the Himalayas. The gallery's selection criteria are as rigorous as those of the greatest museums, and great attention is paid to the originality, quality, provenance and authenticity of each pieces. Advice is sought from independent, recognized experts in their field, and the most recent and sophisticated scientific methods are systematically used to confirm the authenticity and integrity of proposed pieces. This uncompromising approach and personal commitment to the artworks acquired have enabled the gallery to develop close, trusting relationships with the world's greatest collectors and museums. The gallery has participated for many years in major Asian art events around the world: the Biennale and the Parcours des Mondes in Paris, the BRAFA in Brussels and Asia Week in New York. The Christophe Hioco Gallery is also a member of the S.N.A. (Syndicat National des Antiquaires Négociants en Objets d'Art Tableaux anciens et modernes de France), the Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers of Belgium and the Asia Week New York Association, Inc. Founded : 2004

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